About Cascade Home Loans

Trying to find the right home loan can be difficult more so today than ever. Finding the right company and loan officer to help you get your loan can be even more confusing. With literally hundreds (used to be thousands) of lenders to choose from, borrowers can easily become overwhelmed.  Today vs just two years ago many, many companies are no longer in business and one of the reasons might just be that those companies were not really looking out for the  long term success of their clients but rather their own short term profits. 

Fortunately, at Cascade Home Loans, our mission is to set the highest standard in the mortgage industry or really not even to be comparred at all to the industry standard but one of true integrity rather than a realative one. We are committed to true customer service - putting the people we serve first and at times that means they hear what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. Take advantage of our expertise in the residential lending industry by applying online today. You will find that the integrity, skill, professionalism, and consideration we give to each of our clients make getting your loan a long term successful endeavor.

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